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Extra Large Cyclorama/Infinity Wall (36 feet wide by 20 feet deep) Bay 1 - $90 per hour

How long do you need for your production?

Our large cyclorama is 36 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Plenty of room for large groups, action shots and automobiles. Cyclorama’s are also known as infinity walls or cove walls in this configuration.  

  • Studio Time

    Your booking time begins on the minute booked. If you need 30 minutes to set up/tear down lights, stands, etc. please factor that in when booking.

  • Overtime

    We can accommodate overtime unless told otherwise. Overtime is billed at 125% of your hourly rate.

  • Lights

    We include all of our lights in your booking price. Currently we have: 3x GVM constant video lights, 5x Alienbees Strobes w/triggers (work on every camera), 6x LED panels mounted to grid in Bay 1.

    We also have an 8ft. Octobox, 2x circular modifier, rectangular modifier, beauty dishes, etc.

  • Air Conditioning

    We have 5 HVAC units as well as 2 swamp coolers to ensure that you are ice cold and comfortable during your production! (If recording live audio, these can be turned off)