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Sound Booth - $40 per hour

How long do you need for your production?

Triple insulated purpose-built soundproof room for all of your live audio needs! We have a green, grey, and white screen for virtual backgrounds, as well as a projector available. Perfect for talking head videos or your next podcast location!
  • Studio Time

    Your booking time begins on the minute booked. If you need 30 minutes to set up/tear down lights, stands, etc. please factor that in when booking.

  • Overtime

    We can accommodate overtime unless told otherwise. Overtime is billed at 125% of your hourly rate.

  • Lights

    We include all of our lights in your booking price. Currently we have: 3x GVM constant video lights, 5x Alienbees Strobes w/triggers (work on every camera), 6x LED panels mounted to grid in Bay 1.

    We also have an 8ft. Octobox, 2x circular modifier, rectangular modifier, beauty dishes, etc.

  • Air Conditioning

    We have 5 HVAC units as well as 2 swamp coolers to ensure that you are ice cold and comfortable during your production! (If recording live audio, these can be turned off)